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October 31, 2012

“See You Naked” New Video by Tracy Irve

“See You Naked” a New Video by Tracy Irve is released today. The song is from the soundtrack of the new film “The Helpers.” Tracy Irve is the swedish Brother/Sister pop duo whose music has also been featured in the film Battlefield America. Their first mixtape is available free here. The official “See You Naked” Tracy Irve Music Video is by Viktor Ragnemar, filmed in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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spotlight-mixtape August 28, 2012

NEW! Official Music Video “I Can’t” Tracy Irve

Check out Tracy Irve’s brand new music video, “I Can’t” ! You should subscribe on facebook to stay posted… and join the mailing list for future news and updates!

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spotlight-mixtape May 31, 2012

New Video: Tracy Irve’s “Make Believe”

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Download Spotlight Mixtape by Tracy Irve